So my last post I was preparing to climb/run up Masada and beat Drew’s record up 22 minutes; I’m am happy to announce that I made it in 21 minutes. I am even prouder to announce that Freddie ran up it in 15:25, a record that will probably be there for a long time. Masada, in terms of beauty and history, in my opinion, is unsurpassed  from the sites I’ve been to. A 13 Acre plateau 1300 ft above the arid dessert of the Dead Sea, Masada is a fortress established by Herod the Great, and utilized by the Jewish rebels of the first rebellion in 66 A.D. The accomplishments of the Jews, in holding out against the Romans, and, likewise, the accomplishment of Romans in building the largest siege ramp in history in only a few months, incredible.

P.S Dead Sea was awesome (pictures to follow), my suggestion is to shave your whole body right before going in; it’s very therapeutic.

Tomorrow off to the Shephelah and Jerusalem to play around in the dirt

The Big Move

Hey all,

We’ve moved from the lush highlands of Galilee to the arid dessert of the Dead Sea 1300 ft below sea level; feels like home (Iraq); weird feeling. We’ve visited so many ancient sites it is starting to melt together; nonetheless it is wonderful. But, I am finding that sometimes you get more out of talking to friends and reflecting about life, God, and my family (like I did tonight sitting in the full moon by the Dead Sea).  Northern Israel was spectacular, however, I am really excited to get to Jerusalem; I know it is going to offer another level to this experience. Tomorrow  (Saturday) is the BIG DAY, if I make it I will let you know, MASADA, trying to beat the last groups record (22 minutes) up Masada a fortress set on a 1300 ft mountain/plateau overlooking the Dead Sea.  We will see if the training paid off.

Samuel Morton

Biblical Studies 2013

Bible and Israel  2011

HAPPY PURIM!!!!!!!!!!!!    Remember, if you’re an Orthodox Jew you must drink enough until you don’t know the difference between Haman and Mordecai 

March 15th Update

Hello all,

I wrote out an intricate blog with detail and all, and then my computer crashed, so here are the spark notes of the day. I played Legion the Demoniac at Kursi; I believe I was picked for my rugged good looks. We saw the house of a 1st century Jewish Mother-in-law (Peters) at Capernaum; it was very small, (Peter was a saint). Took a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee that resulted in me dancing with the very outgoing Female captain of the boat. 

Tackled the cliffs of Arbel (pictures to follow), and ended the day at the traditional site of the Mount of Beatitudes. MUCH hiking, MUCH fellowship, MUCH astonishment, and MUCH to write about. Which I did, but, as I said, it was erased; hope you enjoy the short version.

Sam Morton
Biblical Studies 2013
Bible and Israel Group

March 15, 2011
(Posted Thursday March 17th at 9:25 Israel time)

good times in israel